Selection of the "Light sciences and its applications" research program as a Major Research Program of the University of Bordeaux

The "Light sciences and applications" research program has been selected as one of the seven Major Research Programs ("Grands Programmes de Recherche") of the University of Bordeaux

  • 28/07/2021

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The "Light sciences and its applications" research program has been awarded by the University of Bordeaux with the "Grand Programme de Recherche" quality label among seven other projects. Together with the Light Sciences and Technologies Graduate Program, they form the "Initiative Light", which will pursue its excellence research in the light sciences and technologies domain.

This project, directed by Brahim Lounis, Professor at the University of Bordeaux at the Photonics, Numerical and Nanosciences Laboratory (LP2N) is established for the next eight years. It has been selected with the support of an international Scientific Comittee, sign of a strong and shared recognition of its scientific quality and of its importance to meet tomorrow's challenges.

It involves four major axes :

  • Extreme states of light and matter

Objective : To strenghten the international leadership of the University of Bordeaux in the fields of structured light, high energy radiation sources, laser plasma acceleration and high energy density science. 

  • Hybrid systems for quantum technologies

Teams involved in this axis have internationally recognized expertise in cold atom physics, nanophotonics, single nano-objects spectroscopy, superconductivity and nano-opto-mechanics

  • Downsize all Optics in One

The strong chemistry and materials science community has a long-standing synergistic collaborations with physicists for lasers and photonics applications.

  • Hybridization in biophotonics & imaging

This axis gathers internationally renowned  teams with complementary expertise covering all critical aspects of the technologies.

The Light sciences and its applications project will gather different research departments and structures, the main one being Material and Light Sciences.

Other research departments involved: Bordeaux Neurocampus, Engineering and Digital Sciences, and Health Sciences and Technologies
Other entities involved: LP2N, Celia, Loma, CENBG, IINS, IBGC, ISM, ICMCB, CRPP, IMS, I2M, CBMN, IECB, LCPO, BIC and ELORPrintTec.