Research studies on mechanobiology with super resolution microscopy from LP2N and IINS researchers

  • 27/08/2020

Researchers from LP2N (Laboratoire photonique, numérique et nanosciences, unité CNRS, IOGS et Université de Bordeaux) and from IINS (Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences, unité CNRS et Université de Bordeaux/Bordeaux Neurocampus) - research structures involved in the Light S&T Graduate Program - together with other researchers, have suceedeed in studying for the first time how "Cell stretching is amplified by active actin remodeling to deform and recruit proteins in mechano-sensitive structures".

The results of their work have been published in the scientific review Nature Cell Magazine.

Source : press release from the Institut des sciences biologiques CNRS

Scientific contacts : Gregory GIANNONE (CNRS Researcher at IINS) and Pierre NASSOY (CNRS Researcher at LP2N)