Call for applications : join the LIGHT S&T doctoral program !

The 2021 call for applications to join the LIGHT S&T doctoral program is open until November 19th.

  • 04/11/2021

The 2021 call for applications to join the LIGHT S&T doctoral program is open ! PhD students of the University of Bordeaux, send your applications ! The deadline to apply is November 19th.

Prerequisites for the application

  • Be enrolled in the first year of PhD at the University of Bordeaux (academic year 2021-2022) in one of the following Doctoral Schools : Dotoral School of Physics and Engineering ; Doctoral School of Chemical Sciences ; Doctoral School of Life Sciences and Health 
  • Perform a research on a thesis subject within the thematic scope of the LIGHT S&T Graduate Program


  • The selected PhD student entering the LIGHTS&T Graduate Program can benefit from specialized teaching programs
  • He/She will attend events organized for doctoral students within the doctoral program.
  • The PhD student can benefit from an academic or industrial mentor. This mentor provides a personalized follow-up on the evolution of his/her thesis work and accompanies him/her in his/her professional project.
  • Joint supervision thesis and international mobility are encouraged and supported through mobility grants.
  • The selected PhD student can benefit from a support to promote outstanding research results obtained during the thesis (publication fees in high impact journals or presentation in renewed international conferences).

Application file

Applications must be sent by email with the following documents :

  • A curriculum vitae
  • A motivation letter from the candidate
  • Research project of the thesis (2 pages max.)
  • An official transcript of marks issued by the university, showing rankings
  • An electronic copy of the Master's thesis


  • The selected PhD student joins a 3-year doctoral research and training program and has a mission of Ambassador for LIGHTS&T. Together with his/her thesis supervisor, they are committed to promoting LIGHTS&T in their communications and publications. The selected PhD student will also participate actively to the events organized by the Graduate Program.
  • The selected PhD student will present his research work, for example during the annual scientific workshop of the Graduate Program.
  • The Doctorate degree will be delivered with a LIGHT S&T label.