Study program

The Master of the Light S&T Graduate program is an international and interdisciplinary master focusing on light sciences and technologies in Physics or/and Chemistry or/and Biology. Addressed to French, European and international students, it aims to provide high-level scientific education and « hands-on » training in English, and meet the strong demand for qualified researchers and research engineers in light sciences and their applications. It is based on three tracks: - « Light, Matter and iNteractions » (LMN), which covers the fields of lasers and photonics, quantum technologies, extreme regimes of light, nano sciences, condensed matter, biophysics and biophotonics ... - « Physical Chemistry - Chemical Physics » (PCCP), which covers the fields of materials for photonics, thermodynamics ... - « Biophotonics and neurotechnologies », which covers the fields of bio-imaging, neurotechnology, oncophotonics ...

  • Scientific courses, lectures and practical training to acquire a wide-ranging knowledge in the broad spectrum of light S&T
  • Imparting of advanced practical skills in laboratory courses and an internship in industry or a research institution
  • Research-based training to acquire strong competencies in the interdisciplinary research areas of the UB campus
  • Transferable skills training: innovation and project management, entrepreneurship, market intelligence, business plan, communication

All courses of the Master program are entirely taught in English.


Updated on 13/02/2023


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