The international Master and PhD programs focus on knowledge and innovation in light sciences and technologies, providing a multidisciplinary environment for high-level research and education.

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The University of Bordeaux Graduate School in Light Sciences and Technologies (Light S&T) meets the challenge of developing knowledge and train a skilled workforce. 

What are the ambitions of the Graduate program ?

  • Provide and coordinate a graduate program that establishes Bordeaux campus as one of the top European nodes for research and education in Light S&T
  • Restructuring the education and research in the campus around transverse scientific themes (e.g. Light S&T) that promote interdisciplinarity
  • Create a new integrated and trans-disciplinary education program embedded in the Bordeaux cross-fertilizing research environment, and adapted to the professions of tomorrow in photonics industries
  • Attract the best students worldwide and ensure a very high-level training to drive sustainably the research and economy at the national level
  • Enhance the creation of startups thanks to the pool of highly trained students and PhDs

Updated on 12/02/2019